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ATTENTION: Server does not finalise auctions immediately after the auction is finished, but within 6 hours. Closed, but not finalised auctions may be seen in -> PENDING.

Warning! The game system will generate DUPLICATE(S) of auctioned item and put it up randomly. Duplicates can be bid and bought. The number of duplicates depends on quality and prefixes/suffixes. The best prefixes/suffixes will NOT be duplicated. Duplicates system has been introduced in order to prevent cheating especially moving stones from one account to another.

Auctions are automatically turned on on server which has at least 100 players with at least 25 level.

To participate in auction you have to reach 20 level.

The number of items you can auction at any one time depends on the level of the Old Market.


Option contains two bookmarks:

  • Auctioned item - here you can see your auctioned item and
  • Watched - is a list of your chosen auction which you want to remember about. It also allows you to directly bid it without going to Item List.


Auctioned item cannot be used.

Item requirements

You can put on auction:

  • any items with prefix and/or suffix with quality level minimum +3
  • any gun with quality level minimum +3
  • any item without prefix and suffix with quality level minimum +6 (good)

Maximum price

In right window you have list of items meeting these requirements. After choosing one of them maximum price will be shown. In the same windows you can select types of stones that people will be able to offer for your item.

Minimum price

You can set minimum price, but it costs 1 bloodstone. WARNING! No matter if item is sold or no the bloodstone spent on minimum price is lost.


Here you can set the length of your auction.


Here you can see all current auctions.

Next to every auction there is a Watch and Bid icon. After choosing Watch auction will be added to watch list. After choosing bid, bid window will appear in which you can set your bid for the item. There are also information on maximum price and amount of stones you possess.

WARNING! In the moment of bidding bid stones are automatically taken and given back only after someone else outbids you.

In bookmark waiting you can see list of auctions ....


  • You have 1 hour to cancel your auction, after that it won't be possible..
  • Auctioned item cannot be used.
  • When you put up an item it will be shown on items list within 6 hours.
  • Auction starts when item shows up in items list and lasts for the amount of time you chose (24/36/48 hours).
  • In case of outbidding in the last 30 seconds, duration of the auction will be extended for 3 minutes.
  • Minimum outbid is 5% of current bid rounded down, minimum 1 bloodstone.
  • Conversion rate of stones are the same as with creating better stones, so 10bs=1hs
  • Maximum prices are built-in, after bidding maximum price auction ends as planned, but maximum offer cannot be outbid.
  • Seller cannot bid on his\her item.
  • Buyer and seller get a report on auction 30, 42 or 54h after putting up an item (depending on auction duration)
  • Everyone is able to look at items and the highest bids for 12h after the auction finishes
  • ATTENTION: Server does not finalise auctions immediately after the auction is finished, but within 6 hours. Closed, but not finalised auctions may be seen in -> PENDING.