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Every character begins the game at level one. That means you have 1000 Exp and 1000 PoP.

  • Experience is required to level up and is displayed like xxx / yyy
    • xxx is your current number of experience points
    • yyy is the amount of experience points needed to level up
  • When you level up, your hit points and blood points are increased.
  • Also with every even level you gain 3 random parameters. Three combinations are possible:
    • Parameter X + 1, Parameter Y + 1, Parameter Z + 1
    • Parameter X + 2, Parameter Y +1
    • Parameter X + 3


Experience lets your character level up. Each new level requires more experience than your current level needed.
The general formula to factor this change is

  • 10*[1,2^(lvl-1)] always rounded up
  • Forum link to a table created by Mortis Training table

The ways you can gain experience are:

Points of Progress

Every time you gain Experience, you gain the same amount of Points of Progress or PoP. Each server type has 2 uses for PoP:

  • Spend your PoP to increase your parameters
  • Spend them to make tattoos (Underworld realms)
  • Use them as currency when trading with other players (Necropolis realms)
  • You also gain PoP when you complete a task

Evolution Points

Evolution points are gained by fighting other characters.

  • You gain 2 Evo Points for any character 100 spaces away from you on the rankings and any character higher than you
  • You gain 1 Evo Point for everyone else

Act Progression

BloodWars is currently divided up into three acts. As you progress through each act you unlock new quests and gain increased exp from all areas as well as better quality item drops.
In order to progress you must reach the required level and also have all the current acts quests completed.

Act II
  • Reach level 50
  • Reach level 65


Experience Points are also a measure of your rank against all other players on the realm.
Your rank is your current amount of exp divided by 1000 and rounded down.

On Underworld type Realms you receive Stones at integral moments of exp gain based on the following table:

  • Every 1.000 experience milestone = 1 Bloodstone
  • Every 5.000 experience milestone = 1 Heartstone
  • Every 10.000 experience milestone = 1 Lifestone
  • Every 25.000 experience milestone = 1 Mergestone
  • Every 50.000 experience milestone = 1 Soulstone

These bonus's stack. For example, when you reach 15.000 exp you gain a heartstone and a bloodstone.
The Heartstone is for the next 5.000 exp milestone and the bloodstone is for the next 1.000 milestone.

This means that every 50.000 experience you gain you will get 1 of each stone.