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Sequence of attacks is determined by character's agility. The more agile you are the lesser is chance to hit you and the higher is the chance for first hit. First hit in combat deals additional damage (10%, only first hit in every round), then you have the same chance to strike again, until the limit of attacks is reached. Initiative is a difference between both character's sum of perception and agility.


Dodges are checked when before calculating hitting, if a character has a +dodge bonus then before each attack there's a chance to dodge and if the dodge is succesful, the attack misses and if unsuccesful all normal checks for hitting are applied.

Chance to hit

  • in case of melee weapons depends on your agility and opponent's agility and of course luck.
  • in case of guns, instead of agility, perception is taken into account (in case of hitting and dodging)
  • in case of ranged weapons sum of perception and agility is taken into account (in case of hitting and dodging)

Minimum REAL chance to hit = 1%
Maximum REAL chance to hit = 99%

Critical strike

From time to time your character hits your opponent especially accurately and/or forcibly. It is called a critical strike and it deals additional damage.

The chance for critical hit depends on the luck parameteres of the fighting characters.

The base critical hit chance is equal to (your luck - your opponent's luck)/5. This means that if you have 140 luck and your opponent has 40, the critical chance is equal to (140-40)/5 = 100/5 = 20% Critical chance from luck is capped atć 20%. This means that even if you have 200 more luck than your opponent, you still have 20% base chance.

Items and magical properties can increase the critical hit chance beyond its base value.

The maximum REAL chance for critical hit is = 85%

The minimum REAL chance for critical hit is = 1%
This is also the default value of critical hit chance without any bonuses to luck, items etc.