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Necropolis type realms only!

Beginning with level 15 every player has the possibility to trade items and points of progress with other players on the same realm.

Trade List

The trade list is divided into two sections: items offered to the player and items offered by the player. Click on items to view their stats. All trade actions can be performed in this bookmark.

Offering items/PoP is a 3 step process:

  • 1. Offering an item to another player.
  • 2. An offer from that player.
  • 3. Accepting the offer.

New offer

If you want to sell items or offer points of progress to other players you need to use the New Offer bookmark. To make the offer you need the player's id which may be given by him or you can check it yourself in his profile. If you make offer through the player profile option "MAKE NEW TRADE OFFER" id field will be filled automatically. Items that you are able to offer can be seen on the right side of the screen. When you click on an item it'll be moved to the field with offered items. You can delete any of the offered items by selecting them and clicking "DELETE SELECTED". When you are sure all items that you wanted to offer are in the left field click "ACCEPT". Maximum number of items in one offer is 5, you can't offer only PoPs: you need to offer an item as well (any item will do).