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During expedition fights and ambushes items from clan armoury do NOT work

The game system counts the chance of success when you do something on your account, e.g. if you remain inactive during a caravan then the chance of success will be counted according to your parameters at the time of your next action.

The rule that equipment cannot be changed during a siege (second phase) or a quest may be is overriden if you have borrowed an item from the clan armoury and someone takes it from you.


  1. 25 level and membership in a clan required.
  2. Decision whether a member has access to clan armoury is made by clan leader or deputy (it is possible during acceptation of application or later in settings).
  3. Regardless of above, clan has to consist of at least 15 members who meet the requirements (they have level 25).
  4. In case of not meeting point 3) or if a player isn't allowed to use clan armoury, a player can't put anything into clan amoury or take anything from it. The only possibility is to remove their items or give back borrowed ones.
  5. If a clans stops to meet the requirements (i.e. one person leaves), then all borrowed items return to clan armoury.


  • Each clan may put maximum of 20 items into armoury with the limit of 6 items per member (with premium option this may be upgraded to 50 and 10 rerespectively) . Any shared item displays the name of the actual owner of that piece.
  • After the owner of an item puts it into armoury, it is deducted from his/her personal stock.
  • Any clanmember (with the exception of item owner, read below) may take an item into his/her armoury if no other member uses it.

Clan armoury has two section namely unused and used. Unused section shows the items that any general member may borrow and used section shows the borrowed items along with their borrower .

  • Borrowed item can't be sold, auctioned, destroyed and its properties can't be changed (through Well of Souls). The only possible actions are equipping, unequipping and putting it into clan armoury.
  • Item owner, clan leader and deputy can take the item from a player using it and return it to clan armoury.
  • Item owner, clan leader and deputy may remove an item from clan armoury. In this case item returns to its owner.
  • In the moment of removing or leaving of item owner from clan, he/she automatically takes all his/her belongings from clan amoury (they are unequipped from clanmembers using them).
  • If a player leaves clan or is removed from it, he/she automatically returns all clan items which don't belong to him\her, making them available to other clanmembers.
  • In the moment of disbanding a clan, all items returns to their owners.