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You cannot use items borrowed from the clan armory during expeditions

What are they

BloodWars is set in a world that was devastated by the Great War which ravaged the face of the planet. As the land began to crumble away and sink into the depths of the planet, long forgotten secrets of ancient structures slowly started to surface, many of unknown origin and tales soon began of them being guarded by massive beasts of terrifying power.

Anything that is being defended so vehemently is bound to be worth its weight in gold on the markets of Underworld and Necropolis or perhaps even rare artefact's can be found to increase your power ten fold.

Starting expeditions with other vampires is the best way to seek out these secrets, battling with other vampires is the only way to bring down such beasts. Although the risks the great the rewards more than compensate; mass amounts of experience are gained on every successful journey sent into the wastes and the items and resources found help all participants immeasurably.

Organising an Expedition

In order to begin an expedition you must meet the criteria first

  • You must belong to a clan
  • A clan can host many expeditions at one time
  • You can host an expedition once every 48 hours, this timer begins at the time you start hosting an expedition
  • You can apply to an expedition once every 24 hours
  • The costs for hosting an expedition are people and honour points and for every clan member you want to join you you'll have to pay:
    • Number of honour points equivalent to that players level
    • Number of people equivalent to that players level of player * 50
  • As long as the level criteria is met every clan member can apply to a expedition, but it's up to the organizer who will be chosen to join
  • You have to use arcana in advance and in case of being declined then your submitted blood is returned
  • Building bonuses are not factored during expeditions


Each location has its own unique distance away from the city and each area has thusly a set preparation phase time, the furtehr away from the city you go the longer this phase is The second phase ends up every half hour, for example 0:00, 0:30, 1:00 etc

Ritual of Sacrifice

At the top of the Expedition Info Panel their is a Ritual of Sacrifice tab. Here you can sacrifice honour and people to bring forth new creatures at a chosen location. Each location has its own Ritual and every memeber views that ritual at the same time. This means that if you were to add half the amount of resources needed to call in a new creature, another player can add the rest get the respawn before you at half the cost. Also not that after calling forth one mob the cost of further respawns is increased.

Experience Rewards

The amount of experience gained depends on the opponent's total HP

  • For example: If a white dragon has 1000 HP, then 1000 xp is divided among all members of the expedition

How much each member gains depends on each member's level, For example:

  • 3 Players kill the white dragon above, they are level 20, 30 and 50. Exp is divided like this:
    • Lvl 20 - 200 exp
    • Lvl 30 - 300 exp
    • Lvl 50 - 500 exp

Character Level Modifiers

Each creature has a level cap and every player beyond that level receives less and less experience. For each level that is:

  • Necropolis: Lower or Higher than the cap on
  • Underworld: Higher than the cap
    • Gain 10% less XP

The white Dragon level cap is 48 and each creatures level cap is 5 more than its predecessor in the location chain eg

  • Level cap for a Black Dragon is 48+5 = level 53
    • Thus characters leveled between 1-53 gain 100% experience on Underworld and character with levels 47-53 gain 100% experience on Necropolis.

Host Bonus

The host gains two times as much experience, again using the white dragon example:

  • A level 20 Leader gains 400 exp
  • A level 50 Leader gains 1000 exp

Item Rewards

  • You can plunder defeated creature loot, the better the boss the higher the chance of finding better items:
    • Depending on the opponent you will always get at least one item with a random prefix and/or suffix.
    • The more powerful boss the higher the item quality, i.e. good or perfect items.
  • Boss creatures also drop stones with better stones dropping for more difficult enemies
  • If the host deals the final blow they will receive a badge that allows access to the next location.
    • Badges unlock a ignoring 10% defence buff against that creature during all future expeditions.
    • You can only have 1 badge per creature

Expedition Locations

  • There are 17 locations you can expedition too in the game, in each location you have a chance to encounter 1 of up to 3 different enemies, a normal, difficult and extremely difficult creature for that areas level.
  • Every location has a permanent maximum number of teams which can expedition to it at any one time
    • A team begin an expedition for every living mob that is currently in that location
  • Every creature has a set range of random parameters depending on its level
    • Each creature also has a set range of different levels that can be encountered which is affected by the level of the players int he expedition
  • Many creatures have special attacks which can be activated in certain circumstances, i.e. whenever its HP drops below 50%, however it may decide not to use it.

Useful Information

  • Ritual of Sacrifice costs reset on the 1st and 15th of every month
  • On the 1st day of new every month all creatures are re-spawned automatically
  • When you go on an expedition alone the mobs have increased damage and chance to hit
  • Mobs statistics are not increased by player level if the host of the expedition doesn't have the badge from that mob yet
  • Mobs have increased stats if players from higher act participate in the expedition