Hunting a Basilisk

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Author: Diablo

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The day was fading away and night started to take over the Underworld. We were ready, marching through though the city towards the hatchery. A bunch of warriors, each one of a kind. The destination was clear - Desert of Carapace. We fought the beast before and we knew what we are up against. As big as a building and tougher than strengthened steel. Mortis was standing on the left side, while I took the right one. The place was silent, but we’re not that easy to fool. It has to be somewhere here. Then suddenly, out of nowhere, what seems to be just a rock turned into the beast we came for – a Basilisk. At first it did not appear to move, but just later we realized how fast it was. The demon ANUBIS took the first blow from the huge paw tearing his flesh and bones but he just laughed. Sometimes I doubt he is just a vampire. Mortis was surprised as well and took heavy damage, Nosforano as well. Blodsugare, the fastest from all of us missed at first, but then found a weaker spot and without hesitation his perfect thunderfist tore a bit from the basilisk’s skin and flesh beneath. Blodsugare and Vlade were fighting on the same sides for eons and when they fight they fight like twin brothers. Vlade swung his sword that not even six human slaves can lift and hit the basilisk. The demon ANUBIS was already on the other side of the beast and the weapon he was using need a separate room in our armoury. I was ready. I melted with my guns into one single form of a blurred humanoid shape. Barely able to move, but deadly to my enemies. In a very deep voice I whispered the words ‘Kaegi Nadi Korr’ and the basilisk cried in pain. I was aiming at parts that seemed weaker, but the beast was so damn fast that just a few shots hit the very spot I was aiming at. The rest hit as well, but not that hard. The basilisk screamed again and turned towards the figure that caused him the pain. It was tiger_claw and what he was holding in his hands resembled more a rocket launcher than a shotgun. The weapon was even bigger than him. First shot was a miss but the second one tore a huge bit of flesh. Tiger_claw shot againbut the basilisk managed to evade the haul of radioactive schrapnels. The youngest member of our expedition, Nosforano, proved that his place among us is deserved and shoot a hole in the basilisk’s leg. I didn’t see Mortis, but I knew what was happening as I’ve seen it before. He called upon the power of his own bloodline, his veins were glowing red and so did his eyes. He knows where the weak spots on an enemy are and he aims at them. Pulling both triggers at once he shot 5 bullets in no time. Freeko was guarding me from the right shooting forearm-long bullets from his sniper rifle. What Naster did was probably the bravest thing. He took the biggest armour he had, 7 inches thick steel and weapons that made him almost immortal. Thou he was not fast enough to hit the beast, it was his choice to distract it from hitting us. Another scream of the basilisk and we all knew who was responsible – Nndungu and his poisoned bullets. It’s his special way of extracting the venom out of little scorpions. They are quite common and their poison works on every living being, even undead. Nndungu doesn’t melt into a single statue with his guns, he favours to move more than monsters like Mortis or me, but his shots are accurate. Both of his bullets found their target and buried themselves into the flesh. Basilisk attacked again at the closest and Blodsugare took another heavy blow. It hurts, but he can stand more than that. Taking his vengeance Blodsugare managed to hit twice with his right and once with his left hand thunderfist. My guns were still shooting death on the beast, and so were Nosforano, Mortis, Freeko and Nndungu. Tiger_ claw fired his shotgun and the blow made him slide four feet backwards, so strong it was. Vlade charged, run under the basilisk and the massive blade got some blood to drink. All the guns were constantly firing while Blodsugare, Vlade and ANUBIS were trying to slice the beast in million pieces. Nosforano’s eyes went pale with a slight glow, forcing the basilisk to bow under his will, Freeko on the other hand turned into an illusion of a 30 feet high monster that is so evil that it is locked in the deepest layers of hell. The basilisk was paralyzed, locked in its own nightmares and fears. While it was standing the motionless we made the best use of our weapons we could. Naster moved into a better tactical position and the whole party regrouped. Mortis and me still on the same places. The fight seemed endless. We thought everything is fine until the basilisk charged against us and caused a lot of damage. We regrouped and began to fight again. Blodsugare is unstoppable, and with Vlade and ANUBIS on his side, covered by our gunfire he danced his dance of death. Vlade and ANUBIS joined him on the dancefloor. It seemed like the basilisk was retreating. We realized our mistake too late. The damn beast even after taking so much damage, bleeding from many wounds and covered by its own and our blood somehow found enough energy for another charge. A much stronger charge than the one before, this one made Nosforano and Mortis literally fly away about 50 feet till they landed. They didn’t stand up. Those who survived were not saved. Freeko and Nndungu were stomped to death. So many died in a few seconds... Filled with rage Blodsugare and Vlade attacked as one, each from a different side to confuse the basilisk. My searing blood made the basilisk scream in agony again. I don’t need to reload my guns, they are always loaded when I’m shooting, always with the same ammunition. We are one being, one gunman. Vlade was aiming at the legs, trying to cut them off while Blodsugare jumped on back of the basilisk and tore skin and flesh and bones alike. It was not easy to avoid shooting him, but I managed. He was not even afraid I could hit him. Maniac. Naster knew well what to do, Blodsugare and Vlade were too close to the beast so he run in front of me and turned his blood covered face towards the basilisk and shouted ‘You will have to go through me first!’ Basilisk ignored him and focused on fighting it took Vlades last breath and the same paw killed Blodugare before he could attack again. My arms were like stone, anger and hatred were glowing in my eyes. I had to revenge my clan mates. Protected by Naster I shot both paws off and the beast hit the desert. There was nothing in its eyes but evil. Nobody can look in the eyes of a basilisk for too long. I shot them out, both. The beast was dead. Finally. Naster looked at me as I was morphing back from my gunman statue to a vampire and said ‘What now?’ ‘We gather the bodies and equipment and we go back’ I replied. What grabbed my attention was the size of tiger_claws shotgun. It was impossible to just carry it around, not even shoot from that cannon. Blodsugares’ thunderfists were as sharp as a few hours ago, strange. Back in the city we resurrected our friends and told them what happened. As we were celebrating our victories the Lord of Darkness himself came to see me and handled me a reward. I took it and placed it among the others and looked at the blank spot reserved for a Medusa. ‘You’re next.’