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New arena is a special type of player vs player system where the fighters compete against each other for silver coins and gold coins.

It has namely three segments viz viz

I)  1 vs 1 
II) 3 up 3 and
III)Clan vs Clan 

    • I)1 vs 1 : Any player may daily challenge a random opponent (chosen by the game system )whose ranking point is between x+1 to x+5,where x is the current new arena ranking of the challenger. The challenger gets 4 silver coins and improve in ranking if he wins the battle, if lost then his ranking drops down while the defenders ranking is upgraded and he gets 2 silver coins for successfully defending himself, no silver coin is deducted from the challengers wallet though.

When fighting on the arena, players get ranking points that determine their position in the ranking. When the attacker wins, they get 3 pts + half the difference in ranking points (e.g. if you have 3500 pts and your opponent has 3600, you get +50 bonus points), the opponent loses the same amount. When the defender wins, they get 5 ranking points and the attacker loses the same amount - no bonus points apply. If the fight is a draw, no points are added or deducted

In this battle standard rules of ambush are followed. However unlike the normal defence system the player is allowed to predefine a setup in defence, and if the player is willing to use disposable items it must be bought during setting up the battle command, any disposable bought from the shop won't work in any type of new arena battles.

    • II) 3 vs 3 : This battle is fought on every Monday and Thursday at 22: 00 hours. Any player may enrol his name for this battle and invite / accept two more players in his team. The rival team they will find depends proportionally with the highest ranked player in his team. The battle is fought twice, first the attackers ambush the defenders and then the defenders attack the challengers. Like the 1 vs 1 standard rules of ambush and defence is maintained here so both the team gets building bonuses, however it is not allowed to define any predetermined defence setup so the players battle against each other with the gears they were wearing at 20 hours of that day.