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The arena has been replaced by the new arena with effect from 15 April 2014 vide patch 1.5.0


The Arena is a massive dungeon founded by the Lord of Darkness outside of the City. He has announced to the city that he will hold a tournament every 7 days were teams of combatants can enter his Arena and try to make it out with the equipment from his personal armoury he has hidden inside.

Their are many catches though as this is no ordinary game, but one made by the master of the city, the Lord of Darkness himself. He has captured creatures from all 17 locations in the wastes and scattered them out through the arena to guard his treasures. Teams will have to not only risk fighting their way through these dangerous monsters but also the chance to encounter other teams from another clan, perhaps even members of your own clan who have gone blind with greed.

The winners are the best of the best, they gain the favor of the Lord of Darkness and even have a chance of becoming known as the Primarchs of the Dark Lord. There is no greater honour on this world. The Primarchs are above the law, they are the vampiric judges and executioners. No one who has been slain by a Primarch has ever been resurrected in the Well of Souls as the same person ever again.

Enrollment Phase

Arenas take place over the course of the weekend, on Saturday and Sunday you go through the enrollment phase. During this time you can start, join and view the amount of teams gearing up for each location of the arena

  • You have to enroll to participate in the Arena. This is the same process as creating a team for an expedition
  • You cannot enter an arena location if you would not receive less than 50% of xp for that location.
  • You can cancel your application up until the moment the host accepts you, at which point you are locked into the team. In the case of being rejected or when leaving the queue you are refunded with half of the blood spent on arcana
  • The Arena fights begin on Monday at 22:00 server time

Arena Locations

The Arena map works just like expeditions with few slight changes

  • Every location is always full of mobs
  • An infinite number of teams can apply to any single area


During an arena you have a chance to meet either a creature from that location or another team entered in the same area

  • The sooner a team joined an Arena, the higher the likelihood they will fight against another team
  • No matter the outcome both teams are eliminated and cannot continue onto a creature fight

Fighting Against Creatures

If you encounter a mob in an arena you gain the same amount of XP and type of drops as you would on an expedition against this creature.

  • You can get badges on the Arena just like during an expedition
  • You do not gain nor lose honour points.
  • The slain Mob is removed from the area and cannot be fought against by any other team
  • If the creature survives, another team may still fight against it.

* WARNING! Arena Mobs are much stronger!

Fighting Against Another Team

  • Honour is gained in in a fashion to sieges except that honour will always be added or deducted

Arena Stats

You can check your Arena stats in your profile:

  • Mob fights
    • Wins
    • Ties
    • Loses
    • Total amount of xp gained
  • Team Fights
    • Wins
    • Ties
    • Loses
    • Total amount of xp gained