The structure of the city

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Lord of Darkness

This city was reconstructed in the shape of a circle. The name of the first vampire to move into the city had been lost to time, however everyone knows him by the sinister moniker, the Lord of Darkness.

Many others sought to be by his side, craving his adoration, respect and more than anything else, his power. These immortals fought to be by his side and eventually twelve leaders of the most powerful clans erected their strongholds around his citadel.

Afterwards, once the Lord of Darkness had created the protective barrier surrounding the city, more and more vampires began to flock to his city and started to build their abodes following the circular pattern the of the previous habitants.

Breakdown of the City

Therefore the city was broken down into heavily guarded zones, created in order to distinguish the most powerful vampires from the newcomer dregs seeking protection from the Lord of Darkness and the other powerful clans that follow him.

  • The first zone, the center of the city was always the zone Lord of Darkness resided in, the greatest struggles for influence occurred there with other immortals seeking to take his power for their own.
  • The second zones, those the closest to the center of the city belong to members of the Council – the twelve most powerful leaders of the clans.
  • The third zone has become known as the Inner Circle which contains the territory for one hundred and forty four of the most trusted members of the council clans. To ensure relative peace, the third zone is divided into sectors, twelve squares each. Each member of the council takes on the task of overseer and keeps watch of their designated zone three.
  • The population of the city is ever growing, larger and larger. Thus the fourth zone was created. The Outer Circle, as it was named, is inhabited by 1728 vampires which are scattered in sectors around the third zone.
  • Recently the fifth zone came into being, which was called the Suburbs, and constantly growing population of young vampires lives there, those who are too weak to fight for survival further in the city.

Statistics of Each Zone

  • First zone - the Lord of Darkness's abode
    • Number of sectors 1 – Number of squares 1
  • Second zone – the Council
    • Number of sectors 1 – Number of squares 12
  • Third zone – the Inner Circle
    • Number of sectors 12 – Number of squares 144
  • Fourth zone – the Outer Circle
    • Number of sectors 144 – Number of squares 1728
  • Fifth zone – the Suburbs
    • Number of sectors 1728 – Number of squares 20,736

The maximum space for vampires in the City is 22,621.