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Author: Elisabeth

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Another wasted night- thought Elisabeth. I need to drink less. Last time when I had serious blowout with Zauborin and Vlade I decided to make Black knight tattoo. That is what alcohol make to vampires they act before thinking.

Now I need to find 6 parts of my equipment. I already have weapon but that is not all.

Elisabeth started to think about merge list and her armoury to know better how much time she need to collect her dream equipment.

1)Assault xxx of Adrenaline

Still far to merge it.

2)Elvish Full Plate mail of Death shower

I miss 2-3 items to merge it.

3)Elvish Shorts of Scout

Far far away. I even didn't reveal how to merge it.

4)Titanium Neckerchief of Concentration.

Surfix almost made but I didn't reveal Titanium merge at amulets.

5&6)Titanium Bracelet of Youth

Soon I will be able to merge 1 and I will use 2nd that Zauborin made to me.

7)My final weapon Demonic Two-handed sword of Betrayal

I even gave him name "My precious".

Still long way for me to get my dream set.

It is getting early I need to rush now to get into my territory before 1st sunbeam reach Underworld.

What is this?

Elisabeth found shinning object after closer examination she discovered Solar Ring.

~At least something worthy.

After while Elisabeth came into her territory.

Elisabeth saw that someone break in her armoury. She rushed in to check if nothing is missing. Inside there was a shadow and strange smell of rotten meet.

~Who is there!!?? Show up or I will grant you eternal pain.

From shadow emerged small vampires. He was wearing worn out shirt and shorts. His body was looking like the one of a zombie.

~Go away beggar from my armoury. Taking your life is not worthy my time.

@Beggar? You should watch your mouth I could kill you before you could notice.

~Don't overdo my patience or...

@or? Try your strength.

~Say prayers to your gods because you will meet them soon.

Elisabeth rushed at beggar but somehow she couldn't hit him. He was very fast. Elisabeth fought with many fast vampires like caprio and Dr.G but there was something strange in this small beggar. He didn't wear any weapon/jewelery/helmet his speed seams to be going from his body not equipment.

Finally he didn't avoid my fatal blow. Sword pierced his chest and probably heart. Beggar didn't look wounded even more he smiled.

@Are you done?

Elisabeth removed sword from his chest.

~Who are you?

@That is not important at least for now.

His wound suddenly recovered.

~What you want from me?

@You decided to chose one of the hardest way to evolve yourself. Do you want to be much more stronger?

~I'm already strong.

@Your strength is pathetic. Try to merge those 2 weapons.

Beggar pointed at 2 crystal maces.

@As a Black knight you don't need agility or high weapon damage.

~I already checked their merges. The weapon that I would receive is not worthy my merge stone.

@Pathetic. I thought that you want to be the strongest. You had best weapon under your nose and you call it "not worthy"? As I thought I wasted my time coming here.

~You don't know anything about Black knight and 2h weapons and you wan to teach me?

Elisabeth talked to illusion that suddenly disappear.

~What a looser.

Time to make changes in my wish list.

Elisabeth moved to stone where she wrote her dream equip.

She saw that someone (probably strange beggar) wrote something.

1)Assault xxx of Adrenaline > Tiger's Helmet of Turtle shell

2)Elvish Full plate mail of Death shower >Tiger Full plate mail of Turtle shell

3)Elvish Shorts of Scout > Tiger Trousers of Scout

4&5&6)No change

7)My final weapon Demonic Two-handed sword of Betrayal > Crystal xxx of Blodsucker

What a loser now how clean up this writings?

Oh well almost sunrise time for sleep.

After sleep Elisabeth was getting curious why that strange small guy called this weapon "The best" one.

I have enough merge stones so I will risk and make this crap.

Elisabeth went to well of soul and made Crystal Mace of Blodsucker.

After touching it she felt strange power. Her overall strength suddenly increase.

Strange. What is wrong with this weapon? It shouldn't be so strong. I will check its upgrades.

Elisabeth started to concentrate. What she saw was amazing. Power of this weapon increase after each upgrade.

Amazing weapon. That crazy beggar was right this could be one of the strongest weapon.

Elisabeth upgraded it to good+1.

It is hard to wield this weapon. Luckily I saved some points of progress. Time to invest more into intelligence and wear this mace.

Soon Elisabeth went into siege. Time to test this mace.

Elisabeth was heavily beaten. This mace allowed her stay on her feet for longer. On the other hand she suffer longer.

Not so strong as you thought old man.

Suddenly CESARZ ambushed Elisabeth. He couldn't kill elisabeth. after long fight he was forced to pull back to his territory.

Elisabeth saw power of this weapon. CESARZ always defeated Elisabeth but thanks to this weapon he couldn't even scratch her.

After a while she decided to go back to her armoury and look at those dream equipment that wrote that strange beggar.

In armoury Elisabeth started to think about this.

This could work.

Elisabeth went to quest in hope that she will find something that will suit into her BK tattoo.

She will never give up from her dream to collect all those desired equipment.

Her quest is long and hard. After most of you will end your non-life in Underworld dream will still live. With this dream will live Elisabeth.