World's End War

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The year 2012 was a dark year for the human race, for it was in that year that World War III began. Weapons of mass destruction laid waste to the planet and devastated Earth's population. Yet with resilience and determination, civilization managed to survive through the development of new and deadly technologies and bioweaponry.

By 2019 one particularly powerful faction of mankind created a potent nano-virus designed to eliminate all of their rivals. It had been engineered to target a particular genotype and obliterate everyone carrying it. Initially the virus seemed to be working perfectly - but it soon became clear something terrible was happening. Within twenty-four hours the population of the Earth dropped below one hundred million.

Most of those who contracted the virus died quickly. Others suffered a slow and painful death. And some of them... were transformed by the nanomachines into mindless, bloodthirsty fiends with only one desire - to kill. It was in this dark hour that mankind's ancient and terrible parasite emerged from the shadows to save them.

Vampires, with an insatiable thirst for human blood, united in what was the first and last co-operative effort of their kind to eliminate the army of viral mutants. With mankind weakened and on the brink of extinction, the vampires' ascension to power was fast and painless, and they organized a series of zones which later developed into cities. Here, people could live in relative peace, but beyond the barriers of these cities were vast and barren wastelands - filled with monsters and nightmares, a place where only lunatics ventured in search of forgotten lore.

But who said you're not a madman? You can't be wholly compos mentis if all you drink is blood, breakfast, lunch and supper.

Become one of the Lords of the New World - a superhuman beast fighting for dominance in a city unlike anything the world has ever seen - The City.