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Comparison of available option for normal and PREMIUM account
OPTION Normal account PREMIUM Account

Messagebox maximum 10 messages maximum 50 messages
Access to memberlist of another clan NO YES
Number of parallel spy actions maximum 2 actions equal to level of shelter
Quest adding time +1 quest / 2 hours +1 quest / hour
Maximum number of quests 12 24
Attack adding time +1 attack / 180 minutes +1 attack / 90 minutes
Maximum number of attacks 8 16
Possibility of creating your own clan NO YES, with 5 level
Friendlist NO YES
Sending messages to all clanmembers of another clan NO YES
Sending messages to all members of your clan one message / 2 hours one message / 30 minutes
Sending messages to all friends NO YES
Trade maximum 1 offer number of offers depends on the level of the Old Market
Showing percentage chances of completing quests in every difficulty level NO YES
Showing chance of successful espionage on player in report NO YES
Time between laying sieges 48 hours 24 hours
Showing players who joined a siege NO YES


Shorten the duration of attacks, espionage and quests

The activation of this option will shorten your attacks, espionage and quests to 1/3 of normal time over a period of 30 days per purchase. Shortening option activated: YES (Expiration date 27 March 2013 09:28:24)

Quests deluxe

Activating this serice will shorten the time of quests considerably. Each short quest will take 1 minute, far quest 2 minutes and pilgrimage 3 minutes. Warning: other services will not further affect quest times (quests deluxe will always take 1, 2 or 3 minutes)! Quest deluxe active: YES (Expiration date 11 April 2013 22:48:11)

Caravan deluxe

Caravan deluxe is a replacement for the normal caravan. It is an option for people who have less time to do quests. Using it has the following effects: the experience gained is higher than on normal caravan but lower than on normal quests (90%), you can use disposable items during each of the caravan quests, the number of items is the same as if you were doing quests normally, everything else is as if you were doing a normal caravan.

After turning on this option it is active for the whole duration but you can turn it off any time for normal quest chance of success. This option is active even if your premium account is not active. Caravan deluxe active: NO You need 30 level to activate caravan deluxe!

Private armoury

The option to enlarge the Armoury. Every activation extends the access to the chosen option of the private armoury by 30 days. The private armoury premium options may be joined and the bonus capacity is summed up. The access time to each of the options is counted separately.

Armoury capacity +40: NO

Armoury capacity +20: NO

Armoury capacity +10: NO

Clan Armoury +20 items (Antiquus Smilodon)

With this option you can activate or prolong clan armoury extension for your current clan. This will allow your clan to keep additional 20 items in the clan armoury. Clan Armoury Extension active: YES (Expiration date 07 May 2013 19:41:39)

Reset tattoos

You can reset your tattoos in exchange for 60 days of premium. It means that you will be able to choose a new path. When you reset your tattoos all the spent points of progress are returned but stones are NOT. The number of returned points of progress: 0 Enter account password:

Change character's name

You can change your character`s name any time, but it costs days of premium. Every change of name will subtract 34 days from premium expiry date.

New character`s name:

Change mail address

This option allows you to change the e-mail address assigned to your account. Every change shortens your premium account by 34 days. The current e-mail address:

New e-mail: