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What are Sieges

The BloodWars universe is built up of many different clans all vying for control of the city. With the most beneficial zones being so hard to come by, it perpetually results in Clan Warfare over the limited resources contained such as the hospitals located in zone 3.

Their are two types of sieges

  • Clan Vs Clan sieges were they fight over resources and honour
  • City sieges were one clan fights another clan over ownership of a square

Starting and Joining Sieges

As long as you meet the level requirements for that zone, you lay siege on any square in any zone.

If you lay siege to an empty square, you invade immediately however you will have to construct all buildings anew and there is no coming back, your old square will fall into ruin.

In the event of laying siege to an occupied square, their are 2 phases, the organization and declaration phase in which all members of both clans are informed about it and are given time to get ready for battle and the combat phase in which the battle begins and no other actions may take place until this phase ends.

First phase

In the preparation phase of siege the following actions are possible:

  • The clan leader, the deputy and the person who initiated the siege of the attacking clan may cancel the siege at any time. In case of cancellation, blood points spent are not returned.
  • Members of attacking and defending clans are able to join the siege to a maximum of 50 members from each warring party.

Second phase

Duration of second phase depends on distance between attacking and defending player. It may last from 10 minutes to a maximum of 1 hour.

During the second phase the siege cannot be canceled any more, no one else can join it and everyone who joined it can't perform any actions such as Quests, armoury changes and Ambushes until the end of the siege (no matter what side of conflict they are on).


A character may initiate a siege once every per 2 days, or once a day for premium account characters. This restriction is still in effect if a siege is canceled whether it was canceled by you or your clan's leader.

The player, whose square is besieged, can't begin a siege on another player and must participate in the siege against him.

Players may be besieged once every 24 hours.
If a siege is canceled against a player, another one may begin 1 hour after the cancellation.

After taking over new a square, a player is protected from sieges for 24 hours. It applies for besieging empty square and a takeover siege that overtakes an opponent's square, however this doesn't apply for the defeated player.


Like an ambush, combat carries on for 10 rounds until only one Clan remains. If both sides are still alive after 10 rounds, the siege is tied and nothing changes.

Every contestant uses their arcana at the beginning of combat and their effect remains until the end of the siege. In case of an Absorber's) Bloodmagic arcana, the player they attack first is the one who is affected by their arcana.

Each players Initiative decides who attacks first,

When player A attacks player B, the chance to start an attack is factored on the difference between both players perception. If they pass the test then player A strikes player B. In case of a negative test, player A's attack is dropped to the end of the attack queue and takes place at the end of that round. This situation is repeated for each attack for every player in a siege and targets are choosen at random each time.

For example:

  • If you have 4 attacks with 1h melee weapons, 2 strikes hit a player with lower perception and are dealt normally and the other 2 are factored against a player with greater perception and are dropped to the end of the round. However this attack may not be the end in the round as another player with lower initiative may attack after you and his attacks may get bumped to bottom making them take place after yours, however this test will take place again for those attacks.

Damage is dealt as in normal combat.

The only building that can affect players during this combat is the graveyard. Dead players don't participate in further combat, they can't attack or be attacked.

Death of the character who initiated the siege or the player who is being sieged results in a 10% damage reduction for his entire clan. Similarly death of the clan leader or his absence during the siege, lowers damage done by that clan's members by an additional 10%.

Winning and looting

during a Clan Vs Clan siege, the Winning party loots 20% of the collective resources of all the participating opponents. That loot is divided among every player of the winning side with the organizer getting double that amount.

In case of overtaking opponent's square and victory of the aggressor, exchange of terrains takes place but no looting occurs.

Every vampire may be the owner of only one square.

Warning! When you move from one square to another all NOT completed constructions will be automatically canceled for both players. The resources are looted by the new inhabitants of the squares.

Protection period after the siege

Take Over Siege The attacker wins:
  • Attacker - 24h since the end of the second phase
  • Defender - 24h since the end of the second phase
Take Over Siege The attacker loses:
  • Attacker - NONE
  • Defender - NONE

Clan Vs Clan Siege

  • After the siege is complete there is NO protection period.