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You can embark on Quests to explore the world of BloodWars. This action will gain you experience or unique items from wandering across desolated lands in search for Artifacts of the ancestors.

Quests difficulty

Their are 3 different locations you can quest to. Each location is further away from the city but is also harder to pass as the items and challenges are harder to find, but are also better. Below is an at a glance look at how this system works.

The Vicinity of the City A Far Away Journey A Pilgrimage to the wastelands
Normal or slightly upgraded items
Slightly upgraded items
Considerably upgraded items
Normal items
Normal and good items
Normal, Good and Perfect items

You unlock the next set of quests once you have completed all quests of the previous set.
This means that you are unable to Normal or Hard quests if you have not completed all Easy quests.

Hard Quests

When completing quests for the first time, the Quest order you complete them in are randomly assigned may be done in any order. However hard quests have a set order to allow you to equip better gear to increase your chances to pass that specific quest. Their is also a chance that you may not find the task at all when out exploring during a quest resulting in peace and quiet resulting in a lot of rinse an repeat procedures to pass all hard quests. Once you pass all hard quests you begin to do them randomly

Sequence of Quests

The order of quests for each act is below:

Act 1 Pilgrimages

  • 1st - Agility
  • 2nd - Appearance
  • 3rd - Toughness
  • 4th - Charisma
  • 5th - Reputation
  • 6th - Perception
  • 7th - Strength
  • 8th - Knowledge
  • 9th - Intelligence

Act 2 Far Journeys

  • 1st - Knowledge
  • 2nd - Reputation
  • 3rd - Strength
  • 4th - Charisma
  • 5th - Perception
  • 6th - Toughness
  • 7th - Appearance
  • 8th - Agility
  • 9th - Intelligence

Act 2 Pilgrimages

  • 1st - Knowledge
  • 2nd - Agility
  • 3rd - Strength
  • 4th - Reputation
  • 5th - Appearance
  • 6th - Charisma
  • 7th - Intelligence
  • 8th - Perception
  • 9th - Toughness

Act 3 Vicinity

  • 1st - Agility
  • 2nd - Toughness
  • 3rd - Charisma
  • 4th - Reputation
  • 5th - Appearance
  • 6th - Knowledge
  • 7th - Intelligence
  • 8th - Perception
  • 9th - Strength

Act 3 Far Journey

  • 1st - Perception
  • 2nd - Charisma
  • 3rd - Strength
  • 4th - Knowledge
  • 5th - Appearance
  • 6th - Reputation
  • 7th - Toughness
  • 8th - Intelligence
  • 9th - Agility

Act 3 Pilgrimages

  • 1st - Knowledge
  • 2nd - Strength
  • 3rd - Agility
  • 4th - Toughness
  • 5th - Reputation
  • 6th - Appearance
  • 7th - Perception
  • 8th - Intelligence
  • 9th - Charisma

Chance of success

Your chance of successful quests depends on:

  • Your level,
  • Trained parameter related to experience level
  • Amount of luck

Quests' difficulty scales to your level preventing situations where all quests are too easy.
Chance of successful chance to pass a quest can be increased with disposable items and item sets.

Maximum % of success per quest

Easy Normal Hard
Act 1
Act 2
Act 3

Quest Duration Times

Time in seconds how long it takes to pass each quest including premium options

Premium Option Vicinity of the City Far Journeys Pilgrimages into the Wastelands
Quests deluxe

Number of quests

The max amount of quests and attacks a player can have depends on account type.

  • Normal accounts have 12 quests and gain 1 quest every 2 hours
  • Premium accounts have 24 quests and gain 1 quest every hour


Once you reach level 30 you unlock the option to do a Caravan of quests. This will allow you do multiple quests linked together without having to start each one individually. Below are the basic rulings of caravans:

  • Money for every quest is taken in advance
  • Time of caravan is a sum of the time of all quests involved
  • Caravan can't be canceled
  • Cost of next quest is equal to 1.75*basic cost of quest
  • For every zone and difficulty level there is 75% chance of finding one Item per quest and 25% of finding none. It means that with 10 quests you may get 0 to 10 items,
  • Experience and Blood gained on caravan is equal to 80% for 2 quests -5% for every subsequent quest to minimum of 50%
  • Chance of a particular quest, completing it successfully and all other basic chances of items are not changed no matter how many quests
  • Premium Option: Caravan deluxe
    • Increases exp gain % from 80% to 90%
    • Can use Disposable Items during each quest of caravan
    • Gain items as if doing quests manually

WARNING! The game system counts the chance of success when you do something on your account, e.g. if you remain inactive during a caravan then the chance of success will be counted according to your parameters at the time of your next action.