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There are following types of equipment in BloodWars:

Armour Weapons
Head Gear
One-handed melee weapons (1h)
Chest Gear
Two-handed melee weapons (1h)
Leg Gear
Guns (1h)
Hand Jewelery
Guns (2h)
Neck Jewelery
Ranged weapons (1h + 2h)

Item Quality

Items differ in quality. Their are currently 3 levels in game; normal, good and perfect.
The further you go on Quests and the higher Zone you dwell in, the more powerful items you will find.
You are also able to buy basic equipment in the shop, however you can find items on quests and expeditions that have been endowed with magical power in the form of Prefixes and Suffixes.

On Underworld you can upgrade an items level. Each quality has 5 subclasses ranging from +0 to +5, when you upgrade from +5 you move to the next quality level. You cannot upgrade past perfect +5.


You can equip two one-handed weapons or one two-handed weapon.
You have room for 1 piece of Armour for each body part, up to 2 weapons, 2 rings and 1 neck item.


Item sets are sets of Prefixes on Armour and Jewelery. Once you have a full set equipped you gain special bonuses. In order to make a full set you need:

  • Armour Sets:
    • Head Piece, Chest Piece and Leg Piece
  • Jewlery
    • Two rings and an Amulet

Their are many different types of bonuses from Item Setssuch as stat boosts, damage modifiers, etc. There are also eight sets of jewelery that let you use the Arcana of another Race.

A Prefix is what tells you what item belongs to a set, for example: Shamanistic Helmet, Good Shamanistic Trousers and Shamanistic Cape. Note that the level of the item influences how strong the bonus stats are.

Disposable items

(Option only available for Underworld type realms)

In the shop you can buy Disposable Items, which are not found on quests. Every character may buy a disposable items in ANY moment.

Disposable item is used automatically at the beginning of next:

For example: if you buy a disposable item and go on a quest and you are attacked in the meantime, then the item will be used during combat.

Disposable items do NOT influence: