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Races & Arcana

At the beginning of the game you can choose from the following four races.

Each race has developed a unique set of special powers called arcana. By concentrating and using up a lot of blood a vampire is able to cast arcanum. Depending on the level of complication the demand for blood increases in order to achieve a greater effect.

There are also sets of Jewellery that let you use the arcanum of other races. Familiarize yourself with each Races descriptions to prepare yourself, for the time will come when you must clash against a member of every race.


This race originates from Italy where they, thanks to their natural abilities to rig the world of politics and business, created an empire that was obliterated during the Third World War.

Racial trait:

  • Underworld: Luck +10
  • Necropolis: Luck +10, +10% dodge against all weapons


Arcana specialization: Manipulations

  • Mask of Adonis
  • Mask of Caligula
  • Act 2: Majesty
    • In ambush's takes over 1 agent per 1 level. In sieges and expeditions it gives +5% HP and +1 weapon damage per level, Cost 40 blood points


The most primitive and savage of all bloodlines. These vampires have never been a threat due to lack of manpower and inhabitation of unattractive regions of Siberia. This marginal importance let them survive through war.

Arcana specialization: Beast Lore

  • Racial trait: HP +20%, Chance to hit with mellee weapons +20


Arcana specialization: Beast Lore


Bloodline that originates from African prairies, where not so long ago shamans used to summon rain or bring famine upon neighbouring tribes using their rituals.

Racial traits:

  • Underworld: Luck +5, BP +10%
  • Necropolis: Luck +5, BP +10%, +5% critical strike chance


Arcana specialization: Rituals

  • Blood of Life
  • Cats Paths
  • Act 2: Searing Blood
    • Am additional one time attack every round, 10 damage per level, costs 14/15 blood points Underworld/Necropolis


Little is known about origin of this bloodline. Maybe except for one thing: they're new to the world of vampires. They appeared on territory of former China, when the war was almost over. Many suspect, that they're product of Chinese experiments.

Racial traits:

  • Underworld: HP +10% BP +10% easiness +5%
  • Necropolis: HP +10% BP +10% easiness +5%, all weapons damage +5


Arcana specialization: Bloodmagic

  • Silence of blood
  • Absorb power
  • Act 2: Power of Blood
    • +2 luck, +0,75% chance for critical hit per level, costs 25 blood points


At level 50 you have the option of morphing into a Cursed One. It plays very differently to any other Race and you should think carefully before you make the choice. Once you unlock it you will always have the option of turning into a Cursed One, but once you change, you wont be able to turn back.

Cursed one

A race of vampires that originates from the Carpathian Mountains. Legend has it that the founder of this bloodline was Vlad Drakos, a croatian reeve, who wanted to hide his hideous appearance by living in the wilderness where he was changed by one of the ancient vampires. Every one of his offspring inherited the strange changes that transform them into abominable beasts.

You can't choose this race at the beginning. You'll be able to change into Cursed One after completing all the pilgrimages in Act II.

Racial traits: BP +10%, hit with all weapons +30


Arcana specialization: Curses

  • Night Hunter
  • Breath of Death
    • when your HP is below 35%: +5 damage, -3 agility per level, dodge by 3%(R1) 2%(R2) costs 40 blood points
  • Horror
    • Blocks the attack of an opponent in the first round of an ambush, Blocks the attacks of a random opponent in the second round of a siege or expedition, costs 225 blood points