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There are 9 basic parameters, which you have direct influence on, that every vampire in BloodWars is described by.


Allows you to lift heavy items


No matter how strong you strike, it matters whether you hit...


How hard you need to be struck to at least feel anything?

  • Lowers amount of damage you take
  • More on this parameter in the Hitting and Damage sections of the tutorial


Interesting, how many people would look back at you? Some wear expensive jewelery, while other should hood their faces....

  • Most items require a high level of appearance to equip
  • Also very useful when constructing buildings


The thing, that makes people want to stand between you and a bullet...


There are charismatic nobles, admired by ordinary folk and there are... ones like you, kidnapping children to make their parents do WHAT YOU WANT.

  • This parameter is a measure of your knowledge of the underworld and ability to “influence” people's decisions
  • It is crucial for a successful espionage attempt
  • Your Reputaion factored against your opponents Perception during an attacks influences your chance to reach the target


Tells you how fast you perceive changes. Can you see that man in a funny hat that follows you? Can you hit a thrown up coin with your firearm?

  • High perception gives you the ability to avoid ambushes
  • Increases chance to hit with guns and ranged weapons
  • Higher value influences initiative during each round of combat


Measures your ability to think creatively

  • Lets you construct better buildings and equip stronger items


Represents your knowledge of the environment

  • Crucial parameter for construction of buildings and equip stronger items
  • 1/3 adds towards gun damage