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One of the easiest ways to gain more experience is to attack other players. It allows you to gain not only experience, but also resources for expanding your own domain however some times your opponent may have no resources to offer you which can become quite frustrating when you are looking for people targets to start a new expedition The best way to find out who has whatever you need is not to attack at random and hope for the best but rather to use some of those people you have sitting in your city and send them on reconnaissance missions. It lets you use your attack actions more effectively and progress faster.


To start your spying career you first need to build a “Vagrants' Shelter”.
Every consecutive level of the shelter will increase your chance for a successful espionage attempt. Another building which affects spying is the “Daily Newspaper”, but it isn't available until you move into zone three.

Costs of Spying

You need to cover the costs of: training, equipment, deployment, bribes and many, many other costs connected with sending in an agent. Also the further away from your square you send him, the bigger the costs become.

Duration of operation

Similarly to costs of the operation, depends on distance between both squares and on how many details you want to get.

Scope of spying

You are able to charge your spies with four different types of missions. The more detailed reconnaissance missions have a higher chance for your spies to be caught. They are:

  • Photographic reconnaissance: informs you about opponent's level, his resources and blood and hit points
  • Scour waste baskets: informs you about levels of buildings.
  • Take prisoners for questioning: informs you about exact opponent's stats.
  • Bring me his/her blood: informs you about his/her items, alongside with possibility to check their parameters.

Every consecutive mission includes all the benefits of the previous missions.

Chance of success

Depends on: