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You cannot use items borrowed from the clan armoury during ambushes

Not only is amushing a great way to get experiance but it also brings in resources, points of honour is the only place to get evolution points. Even defeating an invader is beneficial as not only does it keep your resources safe but it gives you time to counter attack and steal his resources as well as gaining experience (however it is four times less than it would be if you attacked him yourself).

Who is able to attack who

If the difference between you and your opponents level is less than or equal to 30% then you can attack each other

For example, if you are level 15, the lowest level you can attack is:

  • 0.7*15 = 10.5 rounded up is 11

Likewise, the highest a level 11 can attack is 15

After an attack, every player receives a brief cool down period in which they cannot be attacked. This allows a player the chance to reacquire resources in between of combat. This cool down is different for every zone:

  • 5 zone 5 -> 120 minutes
  • 4 zone 4 -> 90 minutes
  • 3 zone 3 -> 60 minutes
  • 2 zone 2 -> 30 minutes
  • 1 zone 1 -> 30 minutes

Note that the above limits apply at the moment the attack was begun, not when it ends

You are capped to attacking the same target two times a day begining at 00:00 server time and ending at 11:59.

Ambush Mechanics

Initially, the game checks whether you successfully ambushed your opponent or not, chance for that depends on:


When you manage to ambush your opponent, combat takes place. During combat the following modifiers apply:

Combat results

Combat consists of 10 rounds, if no fighter dies, the result is a tie and no resources or exp is gained

In case of victory to the aggressor, 30% of Lgo and People are taken as loot, along with 10% of Blood, these are capped at: 30,000 LGO when one of the persons in said fight is over level 35. If the defender is victorious, the attacker pays tribute with 10% of all Resources as well as 1 Evolution Point.

Earning experience

The amount of experience points depends on:

  • Zone differences
  • Level differences
  • Act players are in
  • Random algorithm for small fluctuations

Depending on the zone in which the victor lives there is a minimum and maximum amount of XP that may be gained through attacking.

  • Zone 5:
  • Zone 4:
  • Zone 3:
  • Zone 2:
  • Zone 1: