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Hit points

Hit points (HP) are the measure of vitality for your character. When your HP drops below 1 during an ambush you lose. However you do not die – The lord of Darkness has provided vampires access to be reborn in the Forge of the Seven Souls.

HP Factors

  • Character Level
    • 4 + (current character level divided by 10) hit points per level
  • Race modifiers
  • Disposable Items raising or lowering HP
  • Buildings
    • In defense: level of police station and charisma
    • In attack: level of bodyguard agency and reputation

Blood Points

Blood points (BP) is the amount of blood you keep at hand, usually using up your own blood or from small containers you take with you. They are used for Arcana.

BP are often mistaken with the liters of Blood that are stored in vampire's square, although you do fill up your BP with your stores of Blood, they are separate and your BP is not counted towards your current Blood reserves.

BP Factors

  • Character level
    • 2 blood points per level
  • rRce modifiers
  • Disposable and equipable Items

Regeneration of HP & BP

Regeneration occurs whenever your HP or BP drops below 100%.
Whenever this happens Blood is used for regeneration:

  • Every 1 HP lost is replaced with 1 litre of blood
  • Every 1 BP lost is replaced with 2 litres of blood

Notice that:

  • Blood Points are expensive, so try to avoid using arcana when you don't need to
  • Hit Points are regenerated first, then only after hit points are full, blood points are regenerated
  • If character doesn't have full hit points, but there are some blood points left, BP is converted into HP
  • HP is automatically regenerated at the beginning of an Ambush assuming you have at least one level of a bodyguard agency or the police station, but not at the start of a Siege

Examples of regeneration

You have 2 litres of blood, 15 hit points and 50 blood points.
At the beginning 2 hit points will be regenerated (for 2 litres of blood), then 50 hit points (for 50 blood points).
Afterwards you'll have 0 litres of blood, 67 hit points and 0 blood points.