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Each race has developed a unique set of special powers called arcana. By concentrating and using up a lot of blood a vampire is able to cast arcanum. Depending on the level of complication the demand for blood increases in order to achieve a greater effect.

There are also sets of Jewellery that let you use the arcanum of other races (only the act 1 arcana ). Familiarize yourself with each Races descriptions to better prepare yourself for when time will come when you must clash against a member of every race.

Thoughtcatcher - Manipulations

  • Mask of Adonis - increases charisma, cost: 12/10 blood points
  • Mask of Caligula - increases reputation, cost 12/10 blood points
  • Act 2: Majesty
    • In ambush's takes over 1 agent per 1 level. In sieges and expeditions it gives +5% HP and +1 weapon damage per level, Cost 40 blood points

Cultist - Rituals

  • Blood of life – regenerates hit points during combat 0,5% in every round per level of arcanum, cost 25/20 blood points
  • Cat's Paths - increases agility, cost 20/15 blood points
  • Act 2: Searing Blood
    • Am additional one time attack every round, 10 damage per level, costs 14/15 blood points

Absorber – Bloodmagic

  • Silence of blood - blocks effect of enemy's arcana, cost 15 blood points
  • Absorb power - absorbs enemy's arcana, cost 30 blood points
  • Act 2: Power of Blood
    • +2 luck, +0,75% chance for critical hit per level, costs 25 blood points

Beastmaster – Beast Lore

  • Bloodfrenzy - increases strength, cost 13 blood points
  • Beast's Hide - increases toughness, cost 20 blood points
  • Act 2: Shadow of the Beast
    • You gain an additional attack with every melee weapon, maximum of 1 level, costs 225 [[regeneration|blood points]