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Creating a clan - requirements

Joining a clan

You need to enter clans list, choose clan you want to join and click Join clan.

If this option is inactive, check whether recruitment is open or not. If it is closed, the only possible way to join that clan is to write a message to the clan leader.

If the clan leader (or the deputy) accepts your application, then you will become a member of that clan.

Number of clan members

Number of clan members depends on level of the leader:

level 15 -> 20 members
level 18 -> 21 members
and for every 3 levels an additional member up to the maximum of 50.

Leaving a clan

Leaving a clan is possible if you are not participating in any siege. Even if a siege is laid and no one has joined it yet, this rule still applies.

Removing a char

Similarly to leaving, a character must not be participating in a siege.


There can be one deputy in every clan that possesses full power of the leader except for disbanding the clan.

Clan messages

Messages to all clan members may be sent only by members of the clan and players with premium account. Sending one clan message per 30 minutes (premium account) or 2 hours (free account) is possible.

Clan limits

  • You can leave a clan 12 hours after joining it.
  • If someone is removed from a clan, they won't be able to join any clan for 12 hours.