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BloodWars is divided into two different types of servers we call "Realms". These Realms have many differences in rules and game dynamics.
There are currently two types of Realms:

  • Underworld (also known as R1UK) - opened on 1.03.2007
  • Necropolis (also known as R2UK or Necro) - opened on 17.02.2009

Underworld Only Features

  • Upgrade system to improve item quality
  • Tattoo system to spec your character into a weapon archetype
  • Stones - used in Auctions and Upgrading.
  • Disposable items for a 1 time boost to your stats

Necropolis Only Features

  • Direct trading
  • Equipment from Clan Armoury works during expedition fights and ambushes.
  • To equip an item you only need to meet the requirements during equipping. Items aren't unequipped when you don't meet the requirements.
  • You loose money when you buy Junk (20,000 Lgo to buy - 10,000 to sell)