Well of Souls

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Options and resourcese

Well of Souls is a special type of hall especially built for underworld type realm only, it lets you use additional options connected with creating and upgrading items, stones and character :

  • Create or disintegrate a stone
  • Upgrade item
  • Merge items
  • Destroy items
  • Tattoos

Seven resources are taken into account to use the Well:

  • Nanites
  • Mana
  • Bloodstones
  • Heartstones
  • Lifestones
  • Mergestones
  • Soulstones

All stones can be found on quests. In addition you can get them when you have particular number of experience points.

Option - Create a stone

Lets you create or disintegrate stones. Their values are shown in the table below :

* Table one for creating bigger stones from smaller ones Bloodstone x 10 = Heartstone Heartstone x 5 = Lifestone Lifestone x 3 = Mergestone Mergestone x 2 + Lifestone x 4 = Soulstone

* Table two for breaking down bigger stones to smaller ones Soulstone = 1x Mergestone + 2x Lifestone Mergestone = 1x Lifestone + 1x Heartstone + 1x Bloodstone Lifestone = 2x Heartstone + 2x Bloodstone Heartstone = 5x Bloodstone

Option - Upgrade item

Lets you fill items with magical power of stones.

Upgrading normal item by 1 level absorbs 1 bloodstone and on failure item level drops by 1. CHANCE OF SUCCESS 80%
Upgrading normal item +5 to good level absorbs 1 lifestone and on failure item level drops by 3. CHANCE OF SUCCESS 50%
Upgrading good item by 1 level absorbs 1 heartstone and on failure item level drops by 3. CHANCE OF SUCCESS 60%
Upgrading good item +5 to perfect level absorbs 1 lifestone and on failure item level drops by 5. CHANCE OF SUCCESS 30%
Upgrading perfect item by 1 level absorbs 1 soulstone and on failure item returns back to normal +0.!! CHANCE OF SUCCESS 30%

Option - Merge items

Lets you merge two different items of the same type (i.e. helmets, guns 1h etc.) and create new item.

Merging basic types of items
If you merge two IDENTICAL items, i.e. Cap (+1) + Cap (+1), then you'll get the same item, but 1 level of quality better, in this example it would be Cap (+2).

If items differ in quality, then quality of new item will be equal to lesser quality + 1, i.e. Cap (+10) + Cap (+8) = Cap (+9).

If you merge two items with different quality, i.e. hard hat (+1) + helmet (+5), the result is another item with quality equal to the item of with lesser quality, in this case result would be mask (+1).

Merging prefixes and suffixes

While merging items, prefix or suffix may change. Neither Prefix nor suffix affects quality of items.

If one of the items doesn't have prefix or suffix and the other does, then the result of merging will be deprived of that trait.
In case of both items having prefix the result is an item with prefix. The same applies to suffixes.
Cost of merging

Cost of merging items is equal to total value of mana and nanites needed to create merged items. To merge items, mergestone is needed and it's absorbed during the process.

Option - Destroy item

Lets you regain part of mana and nanites from destroyed items. Regains 1/10 of item's value (rounded up).

It is the ONLY way to gain these resources.You can't get them through attacks.

Option - Tattoos

Lets you choose path of development for your character through getting one of the unique tattoos characteristic for every race.

You can find more information on tattoos HERE.