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Selecting Your Race

The first time you log into the game you will be presented with the character creation screen. Here you will setup your characters name, race and gender. Race and gender are detrimental to your characters growth throughout the game and may effect how your journey through the world of Blood Wars, Check the Races and Gender pages to help guide your decision.

The next step will be the Training Screen, where you can spend your initial Points of Progress (PoP) to increase your character's abilities. It may seem daunting at first, but don't worry, Ortis is their to help guide you. You're are able to come back and train the new PoP you gain during any stage of the game.

PoP are gained by going on Quests, participating in Expeditions, Attacking other players and completing Tasks. Points of Progress are directly related to experience points.

Training your stats

At the beginning of the game you play as a young fledgling vampire, weak with thirst and living in the outskirts of the city. Due to your near death status you have no stats so it is recommended to follow the suggested initial value to get yourself into a strong comfortable position.

When you first start the game focus on either Strength and Agility or Wisdom and Perception. Depending on the weapon type you are using they will allow you to do more damage and increase your chance to hit your target.

Initially having high Intelligence, Wisdom, Appearance or Toughness is mainly useful for equipping stronger gear and to help build your square of the city. Ignoring one of these stats may mean you cannot equip a new item or get that building to the next level you so desperately need.

Reputation and charisma key into the strength of your square and effect the chance of spotting an ambush or being spotted during one of your own.


Buildings can define the early game in BloodWars as they provide a range of benefits, each of which can be upgraded if you meet the requirements. Also note that Different types of buildings are available in each zone of the city, only the strongest can claim the rights to Zone 1.

Ideally, an Armoury should be built first, this will give you the ability to store more items, and indirectly serves as financial support through selling useless pieces of equipment found on quests. Items which exceed the Armoury's capacity are rendered inactive and cannot be equipped, sold, or viewed until the Armoury has been upgraded or you have sold items to make room for them . If it seems like a piece of equipment has been lost, check that your Armoury is not full.

Next you should think about resource generation. In order of importance they are:

Ambushes become more successful by constructing three key buildings:


At the start of the game your shop is bare. As you gain experiance and go up a level, new and more powerful items will be periodically added to your shop.

Also depending on the level of your Armoury the most recent items sold to the shop may be repurchased at any time.

AI in Defence

When you have accumulated enough blood, set which Arcana to use in defense against attacks. This is done via Settings -> AI in defence.