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The Top Bar

The panel at the top of the screen displaying the resources currently owned as well as brief player data. From left to right they are

  • Daily Bonus - Every day you have 2 daily bonus's. These are
    • Quest Bonus (Gold Rush Weekends) - Effects: Luck +20, +1 additional item on a successful quest.
    • Ambush Bonus (Battle frenzy) - Effects: Doubles experience and evolution points for the first won ambush

(Warning: There both active for the first successful quest/fight or until midnight - Until midnight means if it goes over midnight you will still only be able to use this once so use it on the day given)

  • Event Icon - Occasionally a random server event will begin. When this happens you will notice that an icon appears just below the Daily bonus icons. Mouse over it to see its effects Server Events
  • Character Status - Here you can see your characters name, current square you are in as well as an experience bar which if you hover over brings out a pop up with all relevant leveling information as well as your current amount of Evolution Points
  • Blood - How much money you currently have as well as how much you generate an hour
  • Money - How much Lgo you currently have as well as how much you generate an hour
  • People - How many people you currently have as well as how many you recruit an hour

The Chat Tabs

At the bottom right of the screen you will notice two tabs:

  • Global Chat is visible by everyone on the realm
  • Clan Chat is visible only by those in your clan

The Info Panel

The center of the screen were all relevant game data is displayed.

The Side Bar

The panel on the left hand side of the screen containing links to all areas of the game. Each link on the side bar opens up its relevant info panel
From top to bottom they are:

  • BloodWars Changelog contains a list of all the changes and improvements since the server started
  • Below this you can see realm information:
    • Type of realm
    • When it was founded
    • Current amount of characters on it

  • Premium Account contains 3 pages
    • Extend Premium - Adds time to your premium account. Currently you can buy Premium via SMS, PayPal or International Transfer
    • Premium Options - Here you will find all the premium bonuses you can buy for your account
    • Premium History - This is the trade log of premium, it lists all premium that enters and exits the account with a brief summary of why

  • Throne hall is the character status screen. It contains all relevant information to your character such as
    • Race and Arcana
    • Amount of available Hit Points and Blood Points
    • Your current level, Points of Progress, total accumulated Experience Points and how much is needed for the next level up
    • You will also find your current stats, tattoo status, what weapons you have equipped and how much damage they will do at the bottom of this page
  • Building site shows you your square of the city. Here you you can build it up which increases production of resources, amount of hit points during attack and defence, armory size, chance of a successful Espionage attempt and more as you progress into the city
  • City Overview is a view of the sectors in each zone and their squares. When you first open this info panel you are presented with the sector that you are in along with all the other vampires claiming ownership of squares near you. At the top of this info panel you can move to another sector and zone. The further away they are from your zone the longer you will have to travel to ambush or spy on them.
  • Clan opens a very important info panel. BloodWars is a game set in a world of turmoil and bloodshed, being a member of a Clan is extremely beneficial. On this page you have the following options:
    • Clan List - This will open a new info panel listing all the clans, they are ranked via power with the strongest clans being at the top
    • Leave Clan - This option allows you to leave a clan
    • Clan Message - You can use this option to send a message to every member of that clan
    • Manage Clan - This option is only available to clan leaders and their deputy's.
  • Clan Headquarters opens the info panel listing all the buildings that clan has built. These buildings take a long time to assemble often taking many months. Each one gives a strong unique bonus such as unlocking new King of the Hill locations to various tactics and strategies during sieges. Only the strongest time-tested clans can get them all.

  • Shop is the place where you can buy disposable items as well as basic weapons and equipment for your character. You can also repurchase the items you have sold, the amount of these you can see at one time is connected with the level of your Armoury. You can also buy and sell Junk here.
  • Armoury a storage for your trophies, all the items you have found on quests or expeditions enter the armory from the bottom and those bought from the Auction enter from the top. The number of items you can see depends on the level of your Armoury.
  • Auctions opens up non other than the Auctions info panel. You need the Old Market built first in order to begin trading. Higher levels of the Old Market increase the amount of items you can sell at the same time.
  • Trade is a Necropolis only feature and opens up theTrade info panels, they are:
    • Trade List - Shows you all current outgoing and incoming trade offers
    • New Offer - Send a new offer to another player
    • Trade History - A list of all trades you have made in the past. This is a premium member only feature.
  • Well of Souls is an Underworld only feature and opens access to the Well of Souls

  • Begin a Quest is where you send your character out into the world of BloodWars to search for items, gain experience and blood. Once your character has passed all the trials an area has to offer you can then progress further out of the city. The three locations are
    • Vicinity of the City
    • Far Away Journey
    • A Pilgrimage Into the Wastelands
  • Expedition opens up the expedition map with the following info panels:
    • Active Expeditions - Here you can see a list of all the current expeditions taking place within your clan
    • New Expedition - From here you can choose a location on the map and begin an expedition to that area
    • Ritual of Sacrifice - If their are no more monsters left in the area you want to go to, you can use the ritual of sacrifice to spend honour and people to call forth another beast
  • King of the Hill works exactly the same way as expeditions with 2 slight changes. You work your way through a series of battles in each area on the map. Once you reach the end you unlock access to that locations dial in the hall of greater runes. So, similar to expeditions the info panels are:
    • Active Expeditions - Here you can see a list of all the current King of the Hills taking place within your clan
    • New Expedition - From here you can choose a location on the map and begin a King of the Hill to that area
    • Hall of Greater Runes - Once you complete all stages of a location you can use the Hall of Greater Runes to Enchant your items.
  • Arena opens up the special weekend expedition info panel. Arena locations are the same as Expedition locations and work the same way with three key exceptions:
    • All arena fights end on Monday at 10:00 server time
    • The monsters are a lot stronger than their expedition counterparts
    • Their is a chance that you may encounter another team hunting in the same location
  • Tasks contains a list of missions for you to complete, each has its own set of challenges are rewards. Each zone has its own list of different Tasks.
    • SPOILER WARNING - You can see a list of all the Tasks, their objectives and their rewards here.

  • Messages In here you will find access to 5 info panels:
    • Message List - Lists the most recent messages you have received. These come in the form of messages from other members or reports from combat, quests and trading. Non premium members can see 10 messages, premium members can see 50
    • Saved - You can save up to 50 messages here. Many players tend to keep their badge reports and task reports here. This is a premium member only info panel.
    • Sent - Here you will find a list of all your sent messages
    • Write a Message - This is were you start creating a message. If you start here you need to enter the player name manually.
    • Friendlist - You can save up to 50 other players in your friendlist for easy access. This is a premium member only option

also messages from other players, clan messages and your sent messages. Friendlist is also available here. Not saved messages are deleted in 5 days since delivery.

  • Notes opens up the Notepad info panel. Here you can jot down any useful information you come across.
  • Ranking is were you can see your standing among all the other players of BloodWars. This is also a useful page for performing actions such as spying, attacking, viewing profiles and sending messages to specific players.
  • Settings If you want to change the games UI or your password, enter vacation vacation mode or setup your arcana in defence or perhaps even delete your character and re-roll all over again then this is the place to be .

  • Forum links to the BloodWars forums. If you have any questions or propositions you can go there and share your views with other people.
  • Livechat links to an irc script, and enables players to chat live with each other.

  • Log out ends the game session.